Saturday, August 14, 2004

The New Yorker

by Lauren Collins
The New Yorker June 29, 2009

IIn the winter of 2004, Jonathan Pieslak, a composer and an associate professor of music at City College, was researching a paper on heavy metal when he stumbled on a Web site devoted to the death-metal band Slayer. (Their songs include “The Antichrist,” “Mandatory Suicide,” and one, written from the perspective of a terrorist, called “Jihad”: “Fuck your God erase his name /A lady weeps insane with sorrow.”) On the site, a fan had written that, during the Gulf War, the band received forty per cent of its fan mail from soldiers in the Middle East. The claim turned out to be an exaggeration, but Pieslak became interested. In April, Indiana University Press published his book “Sound Targets: American Soldiers and Music in the Iraq War,” which examines the role of music in military recruiting, combat, interrogations, and morale, and explains many things about Slayer’s appeal.

First of all: listening to heavy metal, with its double-pedal bass drums and tremolo-style guitars, Pieslak writes, is a good way to prepare mentally for a mission, because it “sounds considerably like the consistent discharge of bullets fired from an automatic gun.” Colby Buzzell, an M240 Bravo machine gunner who did a yearlong tour in Iraq, told Pieslak, “I’d listen to Slayer to get all into it.” Once, Buzzell said, a guy on his patrol rigged up his MP3 player to a Humvee, and the patrol blasted theme songs from old movies—a modern-day drum-and-fife brigade. He said, “Sometimes your motivation is down and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to play soldier today.’ . . . But then you hear ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ theme song and you’re like, ‘Fuck yeah, hell yeah, I’ll go out on a mission today.’ ” For some in the Fourth Infantry Division, Lil Jon’s “I Don’t Give a Fuck” was an anthem—soldiers called it their “getting crunked” song, and they would chant its refrain until they were ready to leave the base.

At the Borders store in the Time Warner Center on a recent afternoon, Pieslak said that in another unit “Metallica was the group of choice. Then, when they got to Falluja, it switched to ‘Go to Sleep,’ by Eminem: ‘Die, motherfucker, die! / Unh, time’s up, bitch, close ya eyes.’ ” Pieslak, wearing Pumas, a T-shirt, and camouflage cargo shorts (no significance—just “what was clean”), had agreed to poke around the music section. Passing Classic Crooners, New Age, and Jazz (“You’re probably not going to see too many guys over there with George Winston CDs,” he said), he led the way to Rock, where he riffled through the “D”s. Dropkick Murphys. Drowning Pool. “Their song ‘Bodies’ is interesting,” he said, pulling out a CD that featured a woman holding a hand across her face, the word “SINNER” written across her knuckles. “It kept popping up.” Soldiers would use it both to get pumped up for battle and “to induce irritation and frustration among detainees.” (The detainees, apparently, preferred ’N Sync and Michael Jackson.) Pieslak said that a group of soldiers had made a music video in which they set their own footage and photographs to the song. They called it “Taliban Bodies.” A pair of Arkansas National Guardsmen, Pieslak writes, recorded an album in Iraq. One track, with apologies to Jimmy Buffett, was called “Mortaritaville”: “Wasted away again in Baghdad / One weekend a month, yeah, my ass / I’d like to kick my recruiter straight square in the teeth / But I know, ‘It’s my own damn fault.’ ”

Music, Pieslak writes, has always been a part of the military experience, from training cadences (“Soldier, Soldier Have You Heard”) to battle cries (Joshua’s trumpets, “Hakkaa päälle”) and “thunder runs,” in which troops descend in force upon a given area (in Baghdad, one team blasted Wagner, in homage to “Apocalypse Now”). In the book’s fourth chapter, “Music as a Psychological Tactic,” Pieslak examines a “sonic battle” between American troops—who blasted “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses, and “Hell’s Bells,” by AC/DC—and Iraqi mullahs, who tried to drown out the metal with chants of “Allahu Akbar” and Arabic music. Standing near the “J”s, he said, “Plato thought that different musical scales could have different effects on the human condition. We tend to have a misconception about music—that it is this thing that delights the senses, elevates the spirit. While I like that idea, it is only part of what music has been.” ♦

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Mike M. said...

When my kids came along, I hated for them to hear some stuff, but I never censored anything either. No sence in shielding from life, and have them unprepared for when reality kicks ya in the ass :)

ALa said...

CB: I read your posts to my son everyday --no censorship here...if the worst thing he does is use profanity/slang (these are not curses people) and serve his country honorably -I will be pretty lucky! Your hardcore bunch of original readers love ALL of your posts -whether they be about getting panties back with your wash, needing a sling shot in the sand box or throwing down with Al Qeada...I think our only wish is that we can all buy you a beer (or many) someday -stateside!

cpumaster said...

I think you should use some profanity in your award writing and not use any thesaurus at all :)
just write something like:
"Joe Blow is a fvcking brave soldier, his action and risking his fvcking live, save some ass during the combat. In appreciation for his fvcking sacrifice..."
well, on second thought, nah, forget that... just do a good job... stay safe.
BTW, do the marine units in Najaf own any strykers? I think that situation right now would be a perfect application of strykers....

Charlie said...
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Bane said...

There is a link at the top of their page to their thesaurus site, too. Yer welcome.

this we'll defend said...

Catherder: CPU asks a lot of questions. I'd be wary about OPSEC with him.

TheRevRioSoave said...

I appreciate very much what you write. God bless you and keep you safe. Quite argueably the best blog online. My prayers are with you. I used to read Smash's stuff until he started wallowing in Bushit. Please don't take that route.
The Rev.

cpumaster said...

What is OPSEC btw? OPeration SECret?
I don't mean to ask any question that might reveal secet stuff, but as u can probably guess from my sign in, I am an engineer and I really like reading technical aspect of this blog or asking question of sort without going too much into detail...

The Dude said...


I've known you for 26 years and for fuck's sake I don't think you have ever not used a cuss word in a sentence in you life. Remember when someone would say "using profanity is just a sign of poor education and lack of vocabulary" your reponse was "fuck that" Hell I was out at a field trainning exersise last week and I was threatend to get corrective trainning for my foul mouth, but thats because they made me body bitch/litter (grabing all the people who were sposed to be dead) I think there are worst things than a potty mouth. If there is ever a time or place the army is it.

gimma said...
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Brian H said...

For quick online reference, install the free version from Alt-click brings up a definition or context-sensitive biography, etc., for any word or name. Pronunciation audio icon, too. VERY useful utility.

gimma said...

ooops, I was trying to figure out what the small icon was at the bottom of my I's the delete button, so I'll try again. Sorry!

If you're interested, I have a 3"x4" (quarter-inch thick) electronic dictionary/thesaurus combination that I don't use and would gladly send to you (or your wife for forwarding). I no longer have the instruction booklet, but it's pretty simple to figure out and it also has a bunch of word games that may(or may not,sorry, doubt they include expletives, lol) be enjoyable during the slow times...

I know you get a lot of e-mail, so if you're interested, look for my contact info in an e-mail entitled, "offering free 3x4 electronic dic/thes". always, looking forward to more from you...keep on cursing and stay safe.

sawdusty said...

Dude! This is possibly one of the best things I have ever read online. Your writing brings back so much of my memories of the army. Like when your A/G was dickin' around with his camera, it made me think of this kid in my team in Korea (C/5/20). He was always messing with some stupid shit and you would always have to tell him real serious to knock it the fuck off, but inside you'd be cracking up. Or riding around in the back of a track talking about all of the stupid shit that we talked about. Keep up the great writing and keep your ass puckered. Thanks

curtis kreutzberg said...

Keep up the good work. Write however and whatever you feel like.

lucas said...

I find it rather tragic that emphasis is placed on swear words than on the message. Its fucking war, the message is there, if you can't take it, get off the Internet and flip to the disney channels with all of the rest of the sheltered people.

Charlie said...
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Bryce said...

Don't change your style for anybody else. We read your shit for what you have to say, not how you say it. You are in an enormously ugly situation. To sugar coat any of it is a waste. Keep up the good work.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

CB, a suggestion: you meantioned a few posts ago about the book and movie deal offers that you get regularly, and while you probably have already given this some thought, I would say to definitely retain editorial control over what they do with it, as well as to negotiate a good and reasonable percentage stake in the profits of the book or movie. The entertainment industry doesn't have a good track record for "keeping it real".

Next time they ask, say "send my lawyer a contract for review". And then... get a lawyer. I know a few good ones if you don't.

this we'll defend said...

CPU, Opsec is a small mammal, a kind of vermin (sort of a rat) that frequents trash dumps in Iraq. It's related to the Gerund, but has a larger tail.

BTinFtWorth said...

You tell all the language censors to delte the curse words or remedy the language themselves. You keep writing as you have been, Dance with those who brung you lad, and if they don't like it , screw'em. I despise the comma nazis and the assholes who think they have a right to tell you haow to present your Blog just becaue they read it.
^5 bud
keep rolling on.
Now write. and let it fall where it may

strykeraunt said...

I have never been one to get too caught up in someone else's word choices. I try not to say them so much myself back am never offended when someone else does. I think if you started using words like, darn it, heck, etc. it would just be too wierd. The fact is, it would be hard to believe that no profanity is flying during situations similar to Aug 4. If someone wants to delete them before sharing the story then that's their choice.

this we'll defend said...

CB - my concern isn't your profanity but the effect trying to avoid it might have on your writing. If you didn't have talent you wouldn't have fans How's that? You have fans. Pretty cool. There are a lot of other soldier blogs - there are millions of blogs - but you get an enormous number of hits. Including CPUmaster with his "what is the weakest area of armor on the Stryker, by the way, just wondering." You rock.

Axinar said...

War is a filthy, dirty, profane thing.

Why try to sugar coat it?

Captain Holly said...

*chuckling to himself at This We'll Defend's definition of OPSEC*

CPU, OPSEC stands for Operational Security, meaning that you don't say anything to anyone that could compromise your mission, including persons who ask innocent-sounding but uncomfortably revealing questions in the comments section of your weblog.

Incidentally, for you anti-War on Drug types, the narcs use the term OPSEC all the time, further demonstrating that the War on Drugs really is a war.

me said...

CPU-WHATEVER-Yep! Jarheads got stryker, every Marine in the box has one, back in my day they called them Tallywacker's, have you ever witnessed an "Inspection Tallywacker'? It's kinda like an "inspection arms" only, not done in public (and therefore secret). It is performed in the same manner as your usual 7 count rifle movement that is required at formal inspections. In Nagaf they have been paracticing this movement (it's very hard to get all the 03's (B11's) on the same page...sometimes. Hence our recent down time) But once they master this difficult movement, watchout!! there will be battle hardened tallywacker's (read Stykers) left, right and front.
Hey CB! your doing great, I have wanted to post for a while, but after reading your's and the other comments I'm either crying or drunk. Don't sweat the grammer (sp?-all) I had a wise ASS finish mine...hmmm? where's that check?
I do not want to say the next.....but I have to!!! Keep your memories as clean as possible about your time over there, not for writing's sake, but for your sake. I had no idea that I signed up for years of memories. Gee! I thought I had signed up to shoot people, not remember them. I know what I just said is unfair and that your a good guy and will do well (where are the bad sentence structure police when I need them)
Anyway, I will read often, but post seldom.
one shot = one shot

Medic said...

CPUMASTER-OPSEC is Operational Security...its what gets soldiers in trouble or killed if they talk about.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

CB. The language isn't directed at the reader... and while it may be true that in some circumstances profanity adds nothing to the conversation or the story, in the case of your writing, it crysalizes for the reader the urgent, dire fear in your "action" sequences, and the overwhelming [pick one] frustration, idiocy, boredom of others. When any language CONVEYS an emotion or the level of any emotion, it's fully appropriate.

Those who wish it censored: print it out and use a black marker. As for children, I always told my children (when young), those are adult words and you may choose to use them or not when you are an adult. As adults, they all swear up a storm when appropriate (usually when conveying frustration, idiocy and boredom inflicted by their CO's. ;-)

C.J. said...

CB: The strongest writing is the kind that comes from your heart - doesn't matter what words you use to express. Fucking say what you like.

Cigarette SMfTXFiles wrote: "I would say to definitely retain editorial control over what they do with it, as well as to negotiate a good and reasonable percentage stake in the profits of the book or movie. The entertainment industry doesn't have a good track record for "keeping it real".

For book writing, that shouldn't be a problem for him in the least. A good editor will not take that away from him. Book profits based on sales are a certainty too (he'll probably also get an advance, which technically comes out of later profits).

For movies, forget it. He'll never see a dime from the net or gross profits as a first time writer. In fact, he won't be asked to write the screenplay, and because movie making is such a ginormous collaborative project retaining "editorial control" is a physical impossibility. He'd have more control over the film if he were the military advisor on set or the caterer. No, if his stories ever get bought by Hollywood, I suggest taking the money and running. For a 'based on' type story he can expect some okay money; if the 'based on' is based on a book he writes, the publisher will negotiate the deal and, in all likelihood, take a big cut of the money. If he does actually write the screenplay on spec and then manage to sell it later, he can potentially earn a shitload of money (or not). The minimum Writer's Guild rate for a screenplay is something like 15k, but then you get clowns getting paid to write shit like Mortal Kombat 3 for 50k. No, for Hollywood, CB's best bet is to write a book first then let an agent or publisher deal with the dickheads at the studios.

Belle said...
enter a word and links to several definitions appear. they also have a reverse dictionary feature that can act as a thesaurus.

Alvaro Frota said...



You are trying to shows us what really happens in Iraq from your perspective of a soldier in the terrain.

Then, if you wants to know what really happens in Iraq from a geopolitical perspective, read this:

and this:

Fallujah and, today, an-Najaf: the US occupation of Iraqi reaches the point of no return.

Try hard to scape safe of the mess. You don't deserve be deleted from Earth by the insanity of the rulers of the US Empire.

To be or not to be? Always remember that soldiers are paid to kill ... and die.

It is up to you.

Aquele abraço!

Robre said...

This we will defend, please knock off all the cloak and dagger bullshit. CPUmaster hasn't asked any questions that would endanger anyone more or less than they already are.

StinKerr said...


Why are you posting Russian propaganda sites? This is the same outfit that posts pictures of sleeping soldiers and claims that they are dead. Next thing you'll be posting from informationclearinghouse or The Onion.

Keep up the good f*ckin' work, CB. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Oh, and go for the gross points, CB. Net points get you nothing. Ask Eddie Murphy, he calls net points "monkey points" 'cause they make a monkey out of you.


Desultory Girl said...

Best wishes for your action award, CB. I enjoy your posts the way they are, it's you unfiltered and you write it just as you would speak it to say a friend or peer. It's all good and look forward to your future posts, cuss as much as you f'n want.

this we'll defend said...

dAMN - MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Alvaro, I must go opress some workers for I am enraged!

Anyway, before my post disappeared, I was asking how the inevitable triumph of the proletariat was going. Few setbacks? Don't get discouraged. Ever visit Mao's tomb? It was getting a little run-down, but then they installed a great gift shop and the money started rolling in and ... oops, sorry. Well, you aren't a Maoist or Stalinist anyway. They just didn't do communism right. Next time I'm sure it will work. Good luck with that.

Robre - CPU asked in another post how effective the enemy snipers were. My guess is that it is hard to understand what information is vital and what isn't if you don't understand military operations. I know that info I would have thought innocous turned out to be potentially quite helpful to the enemy after a good MI guy explained to me what information he found useful in finding things out about our enemies.

Plus, sorry about the cloak and dagger bit, but we are watching you. right now. Damn, man, quit picking your nose. Ugghhh I hate being a spy....

PJ Swenson said...

Start mailing your blog posts to Newsweek so people don't have to keep reading their garbage.

Stay safe dude.

Robre said...

Yes, there are 4 classes of information that could be known to an enemy.

Not vital, well known. (Stryker has wheels, B-2 is stealth)
Not vital, not well known. (location of snack machine at FOB)
Vital, well known (rifle rounds can pierce kevlar armor but not a ceramic trauma plate)
Vital, not well known. (kill spots on the stryker platform for an RPG HEAT round)

cpumaster asked how effective enemy rifles were. he did not ask for thin spots in the armor where pistol rounds could penetrate or the locations of the trauma plates in the interceptor armor. there are ways to answer peoples questions without being an asshole.

this we'll defend said...

Robre: You say "Not vital, not well known. (location of snack machine at FOB)"

Do soldiers cluster around it? Is there always a line? Does the enemy have indirect fire capability? Is it between the front gate and a headquarters building so that it can serve as a marker for an infiltrator suicide-bomber looking for his target, letting him know where he is and where his target building is located?

Is it possible that an exact location of the snack bar could lead to higher casualties than not knowing that information? Maybe, maybe not, but I think the point is clear - you don't know what might be valuable and might not be.

cpumaster said...

this we'll defend: oh yes, I am an Iraqi insurgent/terrorist spying on you by trolling this blog. WTF! come on man, get some help, or maybe a nice long sleep would cure your paranoia...there're probably hundred of ways already pursued by enemy spies to get info than using my so-called asking-innocent-question-to-get-deadly-info-against-our-troops technique...
Beside, I never asked question like the weakest part of a Stryker or body armor. Read my old comments completely and clearly and please don't put words in your posting that I never typed.
The reason I asked about how good the Iraqis snipers are is because I read in som e history book that during the 1920s (?) war agianst Britain, the Iraqis are well-known for their markmanship and given the British much trouble. Many had trained with weapon since their youth... whether or not it's still true, that's why I am curious, that' all.
I'd expect a simple response, which is just fine, but never expected this much of paranoid response & accussation, again WTF?

Robre: Thanks for the info and for defending me, but not necessary, don't want you to get into any trouble with anyone here, at least not in this blog... people sometimes seem to forget this is not a forum, I guess many feeling are easily inflamed nowdays.

Robre said...

Any marksmanship ability the Iraqi people had was lost under the Saddam era. The republican guard had one yearly live fire exercize in which they fired 10 rounds which is definately not enough practice. However the insurgents are training currently which makes the situation in Iraq more dangerous for the US troops day by day. For all we know the "sniper" the other day could have just been firing to probe the unit's response so that they could plan for future attacks. Who knows?

Here is a pretty good paper about the state of the Iraqi military at the time of invasion:

Charlie said...

This we'll defend was absolutely right to call me on my response to CPU. I should have known better, especially since I am a long-time member of another internet forum where we always call people on OPSEC breaches. It's not cloak and dagger, it's simple professionalism.

Alvaro Frota said...


1.) Álvaro Frota said...

[...] if you wants to know what really happens in Iraq from a geopolitical perspective, read this:

and this:

Fallujah and, today, an-Najaf: the US occupation of Iraqi reaches the point of no return.

StinKerr said...
Alvaro, Why are you posting Russian propaganda sites?


2. Goatrancke said...

I saw kosovo as a soldier, and I learned overthere that internal conflicts can't be solved by external forces. Once the forces are gone, the problems start again (mostley ethnical), untill DIPLOMACY can compromise.

[...] So don't think that you are making a better world by invading tiranical governments, i had the same thougts some years ago. What I saw overtheir will follow me all my live. Captains flipping in their first conflicts, orders to stand when people are killing and raping almost before your eyes,...

this we'll defend said...
Sure wasn't the US Army. We don't employ soldiers who don't already think for themselves.

And goatbreath or whatever, thinking for yourself is great - I'm glad you are now doing it. thinking WELL is another thing. Perhaps you should practice at it some more.


Question: Who are the deleted-thinking ones?

BTinFtWorth said...

I spent over 21 years active (Army) and retired long ago. I was a chopper pilot, two tours plus 1 TDY to the Southeast Asian War Games. I wanted to say your answer to left wing brat and his opesec comments had me in stiches.
Our friend CB has his shit together, OPSEC wise, and I'd love to be around in 30 years to see what became of him. (Did he stay in the Army and retire as a BC"?; or a Command Sgt Major?). (Did he go on to write the great novel of the early 21st century war?).
You and I know that bright young men achieve if they live long enough.
Anyway, Keep kicking left wing butt with ridicule. They hate it when their own tricks are turned on them.

this we'll defend said...

FTWorth - bless you for your service to our nation, and thanks for the compliments.

Had you read more you would realize I am left-wing, though. Big (vast) gulf between a democrat and communism/socialism, as there is between republicans and fascism/nazism. But I would't want to lead you on - I'm a Kerry supporter. And proud of it.

Charlie said...

You claim that we are only allowed "US-military thinking". I could respect your disagreement with US foreign policy and your differing political views, but that kind of ignorance and stupidity is inexscusable. At no time have I seen or participated in an effort to force my Marines to conform to a specific way of thinking. It amazes me how many people think that uniformed servicemembers all think exactly what their superiors want.

If you knew any US servicemembers, you'd be surprised at the diversity of viewpoints and opinions among the men and women who defend this country. CB is an outstanding example. As great and unique as this blog is, CB's intelligence and free thinking IS NOT UNUSUAL. I have had conversations with my Marines in which they expressed many different opinions, including some who have said that they disagree with the ongoing war and will not vote for President Bush in November. I have never and will never hold that against them, I rate them based on their merits as a Marine, not on their political views. To do otherwise would make me unfit to lead them. Regardless of how the military in your country operates, we have not forgotten that the soldiers and Marines in our charge are citizens first and therefore entitled to their views and opinions.

MickeyMe said...

All this hullabaloo on some people's part about words and their use reminds me of an experience of mine. My mother was always flinching when I used certain words or phrases. She got mad and said, "Why on earth must you use that horrible "f" word around me? You know I can't stand that!"

"Mom, let me explain something to you. It's a word, that's all, just a word. There are times when a particular word or saying releases stress. Other times other words get your point across without a doubt. Try it and you'll see what I mean. It won't hurt you."

She left in her usual huff and didn't believe me. Okay, her husband at that time was a dear soul who could talk the ears off a doorknob. Mom was the nervous type anyway, so that could really set her off. I was at their house for dinner during one of his chatter-chatter-chatter spells. She was on the verge of blowing sky high, but instead, she looked at him and said, "Clint! Fuck off!"

He blinked, his jaw dropped, and he was speechless.

"Oh, my, that did feel good," and she sighed like a weight had been removed from her whole body. "You're so right! Clint, look at me," and she flipped him the bird.

With that, I blinked, my jaw dropped and I was speechless right along with him.

Sticks and stones may break my bones -- but whips and chains excite me.

firstbrokenangel said...

Reading your posts always bring a smile, CBFTW. As to the swearing, it wasn't hard getting used to it because I know that's exactly how guys talk especially in stressful situations and when you're around other guys, hell that's probably the most word used. I can see why that guy wanted to borrow your thesaurus!!! But there's really no need to leave them out when you write and people shouldn't have to delete the cuss words - that is how a soldier among other soldiers in stressful and daily life, especially stressful situation, are going to talk and that's what makes it so real!! You stay safe and glad you're back no matter what. Much thank you's and hope your situation changes for the better. Also CONGRATS on your award, you certainly have deserved it.

Brian H said...

So, can you stand prosperity? Or will it turn you rotten big-headed and too fulla yerself? Enquiring minds want to know!! :lol:

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Robre, your claim that this blog isn't read by the enemy is disproven by the posts from Alvaro.

BTinFtWorth said...

TWD, I was a Democrat until the Henry Wallace wing (Read Communist and Socialist) of the party took over completely in 1972. At that time I bailed and became a Republican. My dad said 'you can't afford to be a Republican". I told him that as long as Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Ramsey Clark and others of that tribe had the influence they do in that party, I was gone. And TWD, you've earned the right to be anything you want. My bet is you're a conservative Democrat (damn few of them left left). Anyway I did enjoy your comments to the one who got nosey.

Alvaro Frota said...

Cat Herder said...
"Alvaro, you claim that we are only allowed "US-military thinking".

Dear Cat Herder:

I have only limited english's skills, and the danger of misunderstand is hight.
I did NOT clain that there are only US-military thinking in the US-military. Of course there are not. Aftar all, we are reading "CB"'s blog and surely "CB"'s thinks coun't be classified as US-military thinking.

I just clain that StinKerr and "this we'll defend" is trying to only allow US-military thinking in this blog.

And also "Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files", that said:

"Robre, your claim that this blog isn't read by the enemy is disproven by the posts from Alvaro."

Take a break, guys, and think: If I am reading this blog to acquire military inteligence and let this to the iraqui resistance, why I made public that I am a marxist and I am totally against the occupation? It isn't paranoia?

Real marxists, and real trotskysts in especial, is against terrorism. Revolution is not terrorism, is a massive class struggle. And the iraqi resistance is not terrorist. If a nation occupy another, the people have the right - and the duty - to resist.

Indeed, we have a very good example of US-military thinking: everyone that don't agree with us is our enemy. And enemy is trying to kill us and must be killed...


barkeep said...

there's about a million different ways to explain cursing/swearing/oaths and situational context to a child and help him develop the maturity to read what he will, and if you don't have the skills as a parent to do so, most word processing software has handy "Find and Replace" features. figure out one of the two.
Also, I'f you've been on this earth more than 8 decades and still haven't figured out that rough men use rough language, you probably shouldn't be reading war diaries.

Robre said...

I never said this blog isn't read by the enemy (Note that alvero is not the "enemy.")

I said that the questions cpumaster has asked so far have not been dangerous. This we will defend is acting like he wants real-time mortar spotting in the green zone.

Then when I said that I got some BS reply (thats what it was) by This we will defend outlining how the location of a snack machine (which surprise, CB revealed on the blog a few days ago!) is not vital information to the health and security of the us military.

Someone else said that the "enemy" does not read this blog. Frankly, it none of this matters when you realize the subject of discussion is some innoculous questions asked by cpumaster.

quasimod said...

If your readers need to delete the expletives, they can cut and paste the stuff into any word processer and run a spell-check on it, and "replace all" when they find something they object to.

Psymon said...

Keep the cursing. It's who you are and keeps the whole thing real. Thanks for your writing.

The Hermit said...

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Trish said...

Whatever you do, don't self-censor, please! You tell it like it is, and you should. I'm a mother of two. Mine are 22 adn 25 now. I never shielded them as they were growing up. They're great kids, and they understood context and styles and settings, and all that jazz that create and incorporate language because we talked about it, they saw it demonstrated, good and bad, and that's life!